Creativity is an important thing to become a businessman

Creative. Every student at the USB School is always taught to think creatively in doing business or in everyday life. There are many USB School participants who do creative things to solve projects on USB. Wah there his project in USB?? Yes to practice the basic business skills and of course creativity, it needs a project. His Project is also not a theory but PRACTICE!!

Project at USB School is challenging and practicing creativity. WHO does not have a mental champion and positive thinking is definitely blurred because his project is prepared ONLY for people who will become SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS in the days.

Well a creative work ala USB School that is made directly by the students of the special USB School participant level 1 that is intended as a prize SURPRISE birthday Mentor and Founder of USB School Ir. Victor Asih, MBA, M.T. This work is made with existing limitations, ranging from filming rooms, working time, equipment, and energy. But it can produce creative and entertaining work.

Hmmm, start curious??

NB: Beware there are the Baper yaaa. If the BAPER to the USB School sih gpp, direct AJA list!


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