In Bandung this afternoon felt scorching hot, replacing the cold Eve last night that was so piercing the bones. Finished my little daughter swimming, I asked her to drink coconut dawegan (young coconut grain) to satisfy her thirst. It was delicious to breathe fresh young coconut water from its trunk directly in the middle of the burning hot afternoo
n sun. Suddenly my little daughter asked me, "Pa, why do many coconut trees grow on the beach?". My little daughter always considers her father to be the smartest man in the world because she can always answer things she doesn't understand. If he asks and is not answered satisfactorily, he will ask constantly until as clear as possible. Aft
er thinking quickly I spontaneously replied, "Because of antiquity there is no mineral water, softdrink, and the like. Because since the first many people who thirst in the hot beach, it is only drink coconut water. If the sea water or river water in the estuary is salty "
." Oh…., so… ", he said. Apparently the answer made sense
to her. Often times we are faced with difficult situations, where we have to use logic to answer questions that we do not know the answer before. Especially if you are a public speaker or seminar speaker or teacher or lecturer or speaker talkshow on radio or any other profession that requires you to answer questions from the public
. We can choose to answer "thank you. I will think later. ". Or answer "I don't know the answer now. Later I will find out and tell you ". Such cliché answers are often unsatisfying to the person who asks. Is i
t not better if you practice react quickly answering logically? It is also taught and trained in the free USB Business School (whose blog is on Because as a prospective entrepreneur and public speaker, you may often be faced with a situation similar to this. As I
have experienced as a speaker in front of the participants of young entrepreneurs in Indonesia, representatives of entrepreneurs from 10 faculties in UNPAD. They are students who are quite critical and intelligent. According to information from one of his professors that they are the results of the selection of students in the 10 faculties in UNPAD. After I taught the material about "How to Present" and "How to Negotiate", many critical questions were posed to me and they were expecting a satisfactory answ
er from me. One of the things that I remember is, "How can we win in case of Sipadan Island disputes and Ligitan. As it is known, that to the two islands it falls into the hands of Malaysia because we are lacking data and documentation and our legal experts lose the negotiation. " The question was posed by students of the Law fa
culty. I spontaneously replied, "If legally, I don't know the answer because it's not my field. You can ask it to your professor in the field of law. " I refer to the name of one of the professor of international law that I know, because it happens to be taught a course of legal aspects of computing by him in the past dozen
years. " But if I had to answer logically. In that position (lost data and documentation) I will give up. But before actually giving up the loss, I would say to the Malaysian that by submitting to the two islands it means that the people of Indonesia will lose some of its assetnya. Therefore, I will be smelting the forest in Kalimantan and burning the Semak-semaknya first. The wood will be exported to replace the lost asset (to the two islands). " Pe
rhaps this could be considered a threat. But what can we do, we do not want to threaten but are forced to use the unexploited forest to compensate for the losses and we can not set the direction in which the wind blows. It is the power of God. Can't we not block the wind from blowing to bring thick smoke to Kuala Lumpur or in any direction? Love the Wind only. F
aced with such a situation, logically, if I was on the Malaysia, I better give up the loss in negotiations and let the two islands remain the property of Indonesia. From Kualalumpur and Malaysia to be dark because of the siege of smoke as some time ago. Not to mention the spread of respiratory diseases. The losses that will inflict the smoke will be much greater than the two islands. My answ
er is so kinky! And there may be one who argues unreasonable. But it can make the questioner satisfied and the listeners applaud, because it enters logically. He.. He
.. The important thing is not just the answer, but how can we answer it in a difficult situation ans
wered. As told in the story with the figure Albert Einstein. In which the driver Albert Einstein who was only a graduate level elementary school could answer with a "surefire" when tested mathematics by Professor of Great mathematics from a renowned university. I often use this story in a free USB business school class to teach about how to make stumbling blocks a stepping stone and practicing failures. On ho
w to make the stumbling block a stepping stone and practice failures you can read in my first book that will be launching on 8-8-2008 hours 8 titled "8 Magical Steps towards the Sky" printed limited edition 8,888 exemplar. "Magic Book", comments are many people who have read the script. Whi
le the story with Albert Einstein's character in my next article titled "Increasingly pinned more Melejit". Autho
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Greetings "8 Magical steps towards the heaven
s" Victor Asih.


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