In mid-March 2008, I had the opportunity to be the speaker of a talkshow, with the theme "If you can still entrepreneurial, why work?" held in UNPAD, one of the state universities in Bandung. Finished the talkshow, I was approached by a magazine editor and asked to write an article with the theme "Dream" to be published in the magaz
ine. Wow, that's the first time anyone asked me to write an article. I then felt challenged to create an article because I had never at all written an article.

A few days later, I tried to find a variety of information on how to write articles over the Internet. Until finally I found the website and read the articles on how to write from Edy Zaqeus, one of the authors of bestseller books. Be my "victim" of provocative ideas in that writing. I was inspired and felt increasingly challenged to be able to write.

Finally, I decided to dare to make a new dream in my Dream list, which is the dream of becoming a bestseller book writer. When I dare to make this dream, I am totally inexperienced or have the ability to write articles or books. But I remember a saying, "Hang Cita-citamu as high as the sky." This was the first magical step I did, which was to dare to have a dream.

Although I have time constraints due to busy daily work that is very dense, not to mention other obstacles, such as the absence of writing experience at all, but I still dare to dream. My dream is to be the author of the bestseller book and the book will be launched at a special time that will only appear every 1000 years, namely on the date of 08-08-08.

I know that in fact many people around me in his heart are doubtful if I can achieve dreams of becoming a book writer, let alone bestseller books. Nevertheless, I don't care about their beliefs because daring to make dreams is my right, and also your right! "Crazy" Whatever the dream is the most important thing for me to dare to make it happen because I want to always be a winner, like some super hero of my Idol as a child (The Flash, Wonder Woman, The Green Lantern).

Finally, in April 2008 I started to realize the dream of becoming a bestseller book writer. This action begins with me starting to learn to write the first sentences for my book. Learning by doing, I learned to write word for word for a bestseller book. One
and a half months later, my writing script was almost completed according to my target of 188 pages. It's time to hunt endorsers and look for publishers who want to publish my book.

How do I find endorsers? I did not know how to do that. Learning by doing, I learned to seek endorsers by directly doing it myself. "Not doing is not Learning", my principles. In a short time 8 endorsements (commentary) for the book's manuscript of 8 endorsers that were well-known among the gathered profession. Some of them are bureaucrats, academics, bestseller writers, Professionals, entrepreneurs, clergy, and also motivators.

How do I search for publishers? At that time I also did not know how to look for publishers. Moreover, publishers who are able to launch my book only in the tempo of about a month and a half, considering the launch time of the book I want is on the 08-08-08. "Impossible!", said some of my friends who have been writers. They said that it took months since the manuscript received the publisher until its launch. There is even a wait for more than a New year published. Lha, my manuscript viewed publishers as well yet.

Just four months after I dare to dream of becoming a bestseller author, right on the eighth of August 2008 (08-08-08) at 8.08 pm the manuscript I have written was launched in the form of an 8 unique book in Gramedia Paris Van Java Bandung Bookstore by publisher Andi from Yogyak
arta. The book launch event has attracted many people to attend, so 88 seats provided by the Committee cannot accommodate the entire audience Part of the audience was forced to stand in the launching of a unique book launch event which was printed on the limited edition of 8,888 copies.

The publication of this first book, which I wrote myself, is a tremendous thing for me personally. Not only because of the short writing time (88 hours) completed in a month and a half, in the midst of the busy activities of my work pursued "deadline". Or because of its special publishing process "stamped a special Flash stamp" by a prominent publisher (one of the three major publishers who expressed his ability to launch my book within a month and a half).

But, because four months before the book was published, never crossed the slightest in my mind to become a book writer, let alone bestseller book writers. For me like jumping from "earth" to "sky". It never crossed the slightest thing that in the end after the book was launched, I would get dozens of invitations as a talkshow speaker to dissect my writing book. Invitations come from various cities from many famous universities, communities, radios, even television.

After the book's surgical event was completed, many authorities stated that wanting to invite me back as a speaker of motivators and inspirators at a seminar or training event, giving public lectures or studium general or scientific oration at the university events, until becoming a speaker talkshow routinely on
radio-radio. This does not directly support the realization of my next Dream (the 8th Magic Step) is to become a Motivitor speaker (motivation and inspiration with Victor) and spread the "virus" of entrepreneurial spirit through the free Entrepreneurship school called USB.

This is proof of the STRENGTH of a DREAM! So, feel free to take the first magical step of the 8 magical steps towards the sky, to have a dream and defeat all the "monsters" of your dream barrier. You will be carried away "flying to the Sky" where your dreams hanging "as high as the sky" can be teraih. Everything is possible!

~ Compiled part of the book "8 Magical Steps towards The Heavens" by The author, session "Behind The Writing of This Book"

[Victor Asih, Founder Sekolah Bisnis Gratis USB, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Inspirator, Motivator, Software Engineer & Information Technology Consultant, Kolumnis, Penulis Buku Unik Bestseller “8 Langkah Ajaib Menuju ke Langit”]
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