The learning way used in the USB free business School is very different from most other business schools. The material delivered only 5% of the whole lesson,95% The rest is practice!!

Lecture materials taught include:

Positive ThinkingNetworking
Selling GameNet-Entrepreneurship
Self IntegrityFinancial Management
Marketing StrategyPower of Mind
Personal DevelopmentHighway to Success
Team Work BuildingEffective Public Speaking
Leadership SkillsTime Management
Professional AttitudeFailure Management
E-CommerceWriting Skills

ADVANTAGES for the participants of the USB Free Business School Program:

  • Practise doing self-entrepreneurial business with a very affordable capital to build and maintain business
  • Improvement of self quality (soul leadership, confidence, motivation, team work, communication skills, etc.) who are difficult to obtain in formal school
  • Train positive thinking and respect yourself and others
  • Equip yourself with the development of right brain skills (EQ, etc.) to become a more complete human resource (IQ & EQ)
  • Learn and develop future bright prospects business with the guidance of qualified experienced mentors as business practitioners and academics (more than MBA school)
  • School “FREE” (fees from donors and anyone who wants to donate voluntarily)
  • Extracurricular school to become a successful businessman (more than MBA school)
  • The lecture consisted of 90-95% practice and 5-10% theory. Self-study with academic tutors and/or successful businesses in their fields
  • The cost of study equals +/-3 SKS/semester is normally taken +/-3 S/d 5 years (3 phase)
  • Divided into 3 levels of business mastery skills:
    • Stage 1:6 month S/d 1 year, average pasive income-2 above 2 million,-/month
    • Stage 2:1 S/d 2 years, with minimum pasive income 20 million,-/month
    • Stage 3:1 S/d 2 years, with minimum income of 50 million/month and have to build a business own legal entity (CV, PT, or cooperative)
  • For those who excel, each year has a chance to free holiday abroad (Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, etc.)/Umroh for Muslims/Holyland for the Christian

Obligation of participants of free business School USB Program

  • During college uphold integrity, keep the good name yourself nor the good name USB
  • It is hard to learn to become an entrepreneur by being like an empty glass to be able to study with maximum
  • For graduates are obliged to help more people to pass as well as themselves to create more successful businessmen who ultimately help the community economy on a wider scale