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USB is a FREE business training that is established for the concern of the formal education costs that are getting bigger when it does not guarantee its graduates to earn income. USB that guarantees the graduates MUST be entrepreneurs (not become entrepreneurs do not pass).

This FREE business school in Bandung has the length of 3 letters embedded in its name.

USB: U = University of Life; S = Successful Lifestyle; B = Business School

The USB School was first released on July 7, 2007, at 7 a.m. by the founder and Foundernya Ir. Victor Asih, MBA, MT. USB was established due to some background that keep USB exist until today:


  • The current economic condition has not improved where the feeddown continues to increase.
  • Formal education costs are getting bigger while after graduates are not necessarily getting jobs, let alone income.
  • It is better if college graduates are not only seeking employment but can create jobs.

This USB is conceived as one alternative solution to create a young generation of small/medium entrepreneurs who have a good positive mental attitude and moral business. USB participants are guided by mentors-practitioners and academics with the knowledge of business, business experience, capital preparation, mental entrepreneurship.

USB Motto

Better to Ignite a CANDLE than CONDEMN DARKNESS

Vision and mission

  • To assist the creation of a formidable intellectual young generation with a positive mental attitude and entrepreneurial spirit with good business morals
  • Help change the younger generation mindset and mental attitude in order to move quadrant from the E (Employee) or S (Self Employee) quadrants into the B (Business) quadrants for the next move to the Quadrant I (Investor)
  • Create entrepreneurial field and reduce unemployment
  • In the long run participate in supporting the National Economic Awakening

Team Mentor/Trainee

Free Business School USB School has a mentor/trainee team that is ready to guide the USB participants in learning to succeed to become an entrepreneur


IR. Victor Asih, MBA., MT.
Wini Johana


  1. Dr. dr. Sulianti, M. Kes
  2. Ekky Novriza Alam, S. Kom
  3. Muhammad Yasin Nasrulloh, S. Kom
  4. The Ganges


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