Siu Lan, a poor widow has a young 7-year-old daughter named Lie Mei.. Poverty forced him to make his own pastries and put them on the market for the cost of living both. A life full of shortcomings made Lie Mei never bermanja-manja to his mother as a child.

Sometime in the winter, when finished baking, Siu Lan saw the basket of the vendor was severely damaged. She had a message in order for Lie Mei to wait at home because she would buy a new cake basket.

Home from buying a basket of cakes, Siu Lan finds the house door unlocked and Lie may not be at home. Maris Siu Lan. His daughter thinks I really do not know, already live hard still also go play with his friends. Lie may not wait for a house like his message.

Siu Lan composes the cake into the basket, and goes out of the house to make it. The chill of snow that meets the road does not discourage his intention to keep selling cakes. How else? They have to earn money to buy food.

As a punishment for Lie Mei, his daughter, the door of the house was locked by the outer Siu Lan so that Lie could not enter the house when he returned home. The little princess had to be given a lesson, she thought to be furious because Lie May has dared to be fearless.

After peddling the cake, Siu Lan finds Lie Mei, the little girl lying on the doorstep. Siu Lan ran hugging Lie may who had frozen and lifeless. Siu Lan screams into splitting the freezing snow and crying howl, but Lie may still does not move.

Immediately, Siu lanfopong Lie may enter the house. Siu Lan shakes her little daughter's shaking body while shouting Lie May's name. Suddenly, there was a small bundle of Lie's hand. Siu Lan takes that little bundle, and then he unwrapped it. Its contents turned out a small pack of biscuits wrapped in worn paper.

Siu Lan recognises the writing on the outdated paper, but Lie may still read, "Hi. . Hi.. Hi.. Mama definitely forgot. It's a special day for Mama. I bought this little biscuit for a gift. Uangku is not enough to buy large size biscuits. Hi… Hi… Hi.. Mama Happy Birthday. "

* * Remember, don't be too fast judging let alone judge someone based solely on our perception, because our perception is not necessari
ly true. (Source: email, author unknown)


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