In the cool morning, as usual I was with my wife delivering to our two beautiful and cute little daughters to their school. The youngest daughter just got into TK A and the eldest daughter just climbed the 5th grade elementary School.

After delivering them to school, we will be free until 9.30. That's when we had to return to pick up the youngest daughter at school.

"We want to go where now, who?", ask my wife gently and a spoiled voice as soon as we get into the car.

"As usual, breakfast is a great morning. Want to have breakfast where, who? ", replied to me with a smile while our car left the parking lot.

"Which, I was wanting to eat Yamcha…", he answered.

"Okay, Yang", my said smiling.

Then we launched our car crossing the flyover northwards to the north of Bandung. We headed the top Setiabudi road, a region in the northern part of Bandung city in the air-conditioned mountains near Lembang.

Finally I deflected our car into the complex of a beautiful hotel in Jalan Setiabudi. I parked our car at the doorstep of a restaurant famous for its delicious Yamcha.

Yamcha is our two favorite food for breakfast. While listening to the melodious songs of Mandarin, we also had a morning meal on the terrace of the restaurant that has a beautiful view.

Hisit you fry, CA sau Pau, Kay Cak, Bacang ketan, egg jellyfish items, Chao Ceu fen Kwo, ham Soy kok, and coctail tofu that comes at our table so stir appetite. Especially with Chinesse tea as the drinks.

Using a pair of bamboo chopsticks we eat a piece of food by piece with delicious. Cool mountain morning air, beautiful scenery, delicious food, melodious strains, and a beautiful wife accompany the breakfast buffet. Complete already, the enjoyment that God has bestowed this morning.

"Thank God…", I said silently, beginning a prayer before we began to eat dishes.

It is occasionally interspersed with a sip of warm and fragrant chinesse tea. We enjoyed the breakfast while talking from heart to heart. Feels so comfortable while accompanied by the cool breeze of North Bandung mountain range.

It has been eleven years of our marriage, not making the warmth of our decline. Until now we were unconsciously calling each other "dear" or "Yang", no matter where we are. Just like when we were new to meet and still in the status of dating almost twenty years ago.

Seven years of courtship, then fiancée, plus eleven years of marriage did not make our warmth change even as the age continues to grow. Things are quite rare, says a lot of people around us. We ourselves did not realize it until some of the people around us commented so.

After I have contemplated, "why can this happen to us?".

Apparently, one of them is because we have quite a lot of time to be enjoyed together. We also have a lot of time to communicate with each other. We have a lot of time to enjoy life, take our children's shuttles to school, do our hobby, and many other fun activities.

While many married couples who lose so much time to be together because of the hectic work that has to be done. We can enjoy the life that God has conferred upon us. Maybe it is also one of the factors that make us always look younger than the actual age.

Why do we have a lot of time? B
ecause we are not workers, but we are unemployed! But it is not ordinary unemployment, because we are unemployment entrepreneur!

We have some small businesses that have been able to provide passive income. We do not have to intervene alone to work on the business today. But some of the efforts that we had in the past few years have walked by themselves and can generate income continuously for us. This is called passive income.

Even though passive income can not make us rich in financial today, but it has been able to suffice all our needs even though we do not work. So we don't have to have any more trouble chasing the material for our daily lives.

Incidentally, we also never aspire to be a financially rich person. We prefer to be people who can enjoy the life bestowed by the Lord and become "rich" non-financial, such as rich in goodness, rich companions, rich in free time, rich in happiness, rich in harmony, and rich in various other things that are non material. Because for us, material wealth is just one of dozens of riches that every person must have to be able to live happily.

Try you imagine… I
f only more than one million unemployment in Indonesia can be transformed into more than a million unemployment entrepreneurs? Even though the entrepreneurs scale small businesses, the impact to the Indonesian economy will be amazing!

If many families become entrepreneurs, they will appear more prosperous and relatively happier families in their lives. They will produce a tougher succession of generations because parents will have plenty of time to guide their children.

Remember, the pillar of a nation is family! Strong families will produce an extraordinary society. The Extraordinary society will form a great nation extraordinary!

Indonesia in the future has the hope to be a great nation extraordinary! If only small families that are the smallest element in the community can be sturdy families. And it can be realized starting from your family!

Live only once! Ch
ildhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age are only experienced once. Cannot be repeated and cannot be purchased. Therefore, do not waste the time of your life just to work, work, and work, a lifetime of searching for money, money, and money! Many things are more valuable than money, one of which is time. Money can be searched but time cannot be purchased.

Achieve Passive income! That's what I always teach in a free USB business school. Free School of entrepreneurship that I founded in Bandung to help many young generations to learn to get passive income through entrepreneurship.

Become an Entrepreneur! Not a worker! That's if you want to get better quality of your life and enjoy this life with more fun…

My wife and I aspire to create even more younger generations of entrepreneurs in the near future as solutions to the global economic crisis and the high degree of undergraduate unemployment. Therefore, we agreed to use our time that many times to work hard to realize our ideals. We will guide as many young intellectuals as possible to become entrepreneurs of small and medium enterprises.

More than two hundred students of ITB, UNPAD, UPI, UNPAR, UNPAS, UIN, Maranatha, and various other universities in Bandung that we are currently guided to become entrepreneurs for free at Free business School USB feels still not enough given the high level of undergraduate current degree. We want to help a lot more.

This morning we decided to receive a request to open a USB entrepreneurship class for free on the campuses of several universities in Bandung who want to cooperate with the free USB Business school. Even for that time we will be seized a lot, we are willing to sacrifice so much more created younger generation entrepreneurs. Those who will form solid families in the future and become the next generation of this nation. We hope that they may become the better generation of the country's leaders and managers in the future.

So I finished a romantic breakfast with my beloved wife because the clock was showing at nine o'clock in eight minutes. Now it's time for us to go back to school picking up her beloved youngest daughter. And it means that I've typed this article in a computer note book to directly send it via a mobile modem to a popular website that will serve it.

My index finger presses the "send" button along with one last sip of a delicious chinesse tea.

[Victor Asih, Founder Sekolah Bisnis Gratis USB, Mentor Entrepreneur, Inspirator & Motivator, Software Engineer & Information Technology Consultant, Kolumnis, Penulis Buku Unik Bestseller “8 Langkah Ajaib Menuju ke Langit”]
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