On SATURDAY, November 8, 2008, in the Hall D Unika Atma Jaya Jakarta organized an entrepreneurship seminar by business incubator Unika Atmajaya and Independent business Incubator (IBI).

As a seminar speaker is Ir. Victor Asih, MBA, MT., author of the 8 Miraculous Step book headed to the sky and founder of the free Entrepreneurial School of USB.

The event was attended by Ibu Henny Tenizar, SMIP, SE, MM., head of PPM Unika Atmajaya and Mr. Drs. Anang Sukandar, as chairman of the Indonesian Franchise Association. The seminar room was filled with +/-150 participants consisting of students, alumnus, lecturers, and general participants.

The Seminar was inspiring and motivated to become an entrepreneur. Interesting questions slid from participants of both students, alumnus, businessmen, and entrepreneurial educators. Even a unique question, such as "How can I make funeral efforts to attract others?" was asked by a funeral businessman. Or the question "if everyone in Indonesia wants to be an entrepreneur, who will be the workers?". Some also ask, "What is the tariff to consult with Mr. Victor outside the seminar?"

The seminar also held business events with franchise business owners and business opportunity, as well as introduction to the Independent Business incubator program. Only with investment Rp. 10,000,-per person, in addition to getting a certificate of seminar, participants can also taste all the food and beverage franchise products and business opportunity for FREE, ranging from various burgers, fried chicken, kebab, assorted teas, assorted snacks, etc. Anyway can eat a good time, just take a shot at each counter and directly eat on the spot.

While enjoying various food and drinks from the counter, there are still many participants who ask and consult Mr. Victor. Some participants wanted to invite Mr Victor to be a speaker at his university or in his community. As long as it can be useful and the schedule is still available, Mr. Victor will gladly fulfill it.

Gramedia and publisher Andi's books can also be purchased at the Seminar book counter at a special price. Includes the book "8 Magical Steps to the heavens" by Victor Asih, a unique and inspiring motivational book.

This event is supported by:

-Universitas Atma Jaya Jakarta-
Indonesian Franchise Associati
on-Entrepreneurial magazine and
r magazine-magazine Info
hers Andi-Eda
m Burger-Red
a TV-Burs
ez-Anya Kebab

The coverage of the seminar was planned to be seen in WK magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Info Franchise Magazine, and DUIT magazine in coming December.

When are there any interesting seminar events like this again? Let's wait for the next seminar.


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