Buy Gincu can Apple? Is it a calamity or grace? See the true story I've ever experienced and the benefits of being an additional motivitamin to yo
ur life. About 4 years ago I bought a mango grafting tree at a fairly high price. I planted in the middle of the front yard of my house. I bought the Gedong lipstick mango tree from Indramayu which is famous for its distinctive sweetness and its red color is striking like a lipstick. This type of mango is relatively most expensive compared to other types of local mango, can reach Rp. 25,000 to 40,000,-per kilogram. I
planted it with a hope later each year can enjoy the harvest of gedong lipstick mango fruit that became my favorite mango. I realized that the mango fruit obtained from the trees that I planted myself would feel more delicious than the mango I bought in the
market. In the first months of this tree thrived but not fruitful, only very dense leafy. My friends and relatives while visiting the house saw the tree and commented that the tree would not bear fruit. They also told me that they have often bought a mango grafting tree even though it has been fruitful when bought but never fruitful again after being planted at home. Only dense leafy for many years. "It should be felled, replaced by other trees that are easy to bear", they sa
id. After waiting with patience for a year, apparently the tree began to blossom and bear fruit. I felt very happy and began to arise a hope. But
then I felt very disappointed after learning that I had been lied to by the mango tree seller. Apparently the tree that I have planted is not the mango tree Gedong Gincu, but the mango tree of Gedong Apple whose fruit is round shaped like apple fruit. Mango Gedong Apel is indeed similar like Mango Gedong Gincu. What distinguishes is the fruity flavor of the sour, the finer the fruit fibers, and the more rounded shape as the apple. Pupus was already hoping I had a mango tree Gedong Gincu. Feeling deeply annoyed and disappointed in my hea
rt. Want to taste me grumpy and cussing the seller of the Mango tree which is now somewhere. Considering that I had for a year taking care of the mango tree attentively, giving it fertilizer, treating it, in the hopes of having a tree fruitful mango Gedong Gincu become my favorite fr
uit. It was thought to cut off the tree and replace it with another fruit tree. But then I thought that this happened not because of the mango tree fault. He is also a living creature who wants to grow and thrive. Pity if felled. Per
haps some people would think, "Mango tree is a beloved man Kok?". But that's me, happy to love, including to animals and plants. Is it possible because I was given the name of Victor Asih, huh? "Rather strange name", said some people who confuse to guess whether this is the name of a man or woman. Perhaps the hope of my parents, who gave that name, is that someday I become a compassionate person against all living beings? Anyway
, I finally decided to let the mango tree keep it flourishing in the middle of the front yard of the house. I also keep caring for it well. I still gave her fertilizers, experienced them, and sometimes experienced the rest of the milk drinking water not spent by my beautiful and cute litt
le daughter. Finally, I just enjoy the beautiful fruit of the mango of Gedong Apel in red like lipstick and shaped like an apple hanging in the tree. So beautiful to see, it can relieve stress and look tempting to be picked and eaten. But the fruit I never picked, because I had a little sour ripe mango I picked. To make Rujak also taste too sour. Until one
moment, the fruit of the mango Gedong Apple was falling alone because it was too ripe in the tree. I took the fruit of the mango falling and kept it in the refrigerator. The mango fruit I gave to whoever would accep
t it. One time I was surprised to learn that people who ate the mango said that the seed was very sweet and so delicious. It tastes very unique and delicious. I then felt curious to try it myself. It turned out to be true! It tastes very sweet delicious, much tastier than the usual mango Gedong Gincu I e
at. But strangely, if the mango fruit is picked while still hanging on the tree feels sour wry even when it is ripe reddish yellow. But if the mango that falls alone because it is too ripe in the tree feels very sweet and soft flesh of th
e fruit. Now I wait for the mango to fall by itself to be able to eat delicious mango fruit from the tree. Fortunately, the tree was fruitful, so I didn't have to wait for a long time to have fallen because it was too
ripe. Now that tree makes my home page more shady. He bears a thick fruit although the tree is not big and the height is only about 3 meters. Every time is always blooming and fruitful continuously throughout the year do not know t
he season. Through my workspace window, I could feel the shade staring at the mango tree while typing this article on my notebook computer. Beautiful mango fruits that are hanging is a beautiful sight that pleases my heart. I am grateful because I did not cut the mango tree when I was disappointed with the fruit
. I take a valuable lesson from what I have experienced, that "all will be beautiful just in time if we always try to give the best". Like the mango fruit Gedong Apel that became very sweet and delicious just in time after being cooked and falling off the tree. It
is possible that you are experiencing life issues that make you disappointed and hurt because they do not match your expectations. But keep trying to give the best and do not see the current results, then all will be beautiful just in time. All can change. What we sow we will tuai. What we have "planted" is not going to be wasted as long as we will persevere in giving our best. Au
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