Many people feel that the situation around is uncomfortable, not in accordance with its wishes, and need to be changed for the better. They hope and even often force other people around him to change as he desires.

Many people are unaware that the key to changing that situation is on itself, not on others. I was reminded of a story that I had twice heard since a few years ago. I will try to retell in my writing in order to inspire and motivate the readers of this article.

An elderly woman lived in the home of her son. Since this woman lived in the house, the daughter-in-law felt uncomfortable. He felt very troubled by the presence of his mother-in-law. Often there was a great fight between himself and his mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law feels she is right and must be respected as a parent who already has a lot of experience. While the son-in-law felt that his mother-in-law still thinks Kolot (Jadul) is not suitable anymore with the current development.

"My mother in law was talkative, like to interfere with her children's household affairs, the protests, the Judes, and also the Ngatur, including in terms of educating my children", said the daughter-in-law.

"Since she lived here, I felt that my household situation became like in hell!", he added again. Indeed, there had also been some big quarrels with her husband who defended her mother when the wife wanted her to be moved to a nursing home.

Finally feeling so desperate and deeply hated the mother-in-law, the son-in-law went to see a sinshe (a traditional Chinese medicine expert) named Ling who is also his sister friend. He was all about the problems he suffered after his mother-in-law lived in his home.

"As a fellow woman, you definitely understand how my heartache is feeling to my mother, Ling?", she says as her story covers.

"Just try it if my mother is quick to die, my house will again be calm and happy again", he said.

"You want if your mother is fast dead?", asked Ling.

"As a friend I can help. I will make a potent poison that is odorless, tasteless, colorless, and will kill slowly without a trace, "says Ling.

"Oh, huh?", a haunted Evil mind. " Please m
ake it to my mother Mertuaku Yes, Ling! You're my dear friend! ", said the son-in-law while laughing for feeling the solution to the problem.

"But there is a condition!", Ling said firmly.

"From this moment on, you should always pretend to be good to your mother-in-law. Do not even once quarrel with it. Just do whatever his wishes. Anyway, only while she lives. Don't argue once and you smile every time he's talkative. Just temporary Kok… ", the message Ling.

"It is done so that no one will suspect that you have poisoned him once he dies. Are you ready? ", asked Ling.

Well. Whatever I am going to do, as long as he disappears from my house ", replied the daughter-in-law quickly.

Since then, the son-in-law looks always very good to his mother-in-laws. Every day he always cooked his favorite food mother-in-law. Surely by not forgetting to include a mixture of poison made his best friend into the dish.

Never again did the quarrel in the House because the attitude of his son-in-law seemed to be very good. He never denied. He always pays attention to the needs of his mother-in-law and always smiles responding to any protests asked by his mother-in-
law. " Just a while! I need to be able to resist my heartache so that the plan succeeds ", the daughter-in-law says in the heart every time you feel hurt.

After weeks later… Seeing her d
aughter turned out to be very good at her, the mother-in-law feels embarrassed herself in the heart. Finally, he tried hard to turn into a very good-in-law for his daughter. He never again intervened in the household affairs, no longer talkative, and never again spoke spicy. His words turned soft and always smiled at his daughter-in-law. To each person whom he met, he always told him to be proud that his daughter-in-law was the prestigious-in-laws of the world.

Her relationship with her mother-in-law became a very harmonious atmosphere in the family that looked very happy with the presence of her mother-in-law. They often talk, joke and laugh together. Until one moment the mother-in-law complained giddiness because of the wind.

As soon as the daughter of the son-in-law, "What if now suddenly the mother-in-laws died of the poison that once reacted suddenly?"

At once the face of the son was a pale pasi. He tergopoh-gopoh go to the house of Sinshe Ling his best friend.

"Ling..! Ling…! ", his crew menggedor-gedor the door of his friend's house.

Please! Quickly make the poison bidder! Do not be late… ", the door with a clear and a tear.

"What's Too late?", asked Ling after she opened the door.

"My mother-in-law…. React ", he answered with weakness.

"Rather than you want your mother to die sooner?", asked Ling.

"Yes… It was the first time! Now I want her to be healthy and I don't want her to leave us! I would feel deeply deprived of a good mother, Ling! ", she answered with shame.

"Oh… So… ", mumbled Ling smiling.

"Just relax. Poison that I gave it vitamins and stamina booster drugs Kok! Your mertuamu will not die because of the poison. Later I make it go again so that your stamina is fast recovering, "says Ling.

The son-in-law was immediately reflective, "it deserves, first of every time I give the poison he is getting healthier and stronger day by day. I think it's a temporary reaction to the poison before it turns off. "
Then he laughed himself.

"Thank you yes, Ling! You are indeed the best friend ", he said while hugging his friend.

From this story can be seen the truth of the saying that I often hear, "If you want to change the world, make your own changes!". By changing yourself for the better, we can change the people around us for the better. And if everyone around us changes for the better then it will change more people around it for the better. In the end, this chain effect will transform the world's situation even better and fun.

Bravo! All this starts from you… and environment around you… That can change the situation of this world to be better yet and fun!

As for continuation and more detail how to change the world around you for the better and the fun, you can read it in the book "8 Magical Steps towards the sky". "Magic Book", the comment of many people who have read it. The
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