2015 was the initial year of a movement that invited students to entrepreneurial. GEMBIRA or abbreviation of the entrepreneurial student movement becomes the unity of movement initiated by USB School as a free business school in Bandung that is concerned with the current state of the students who tend to calm down with the economic turmoil and state of the country economy.

With GEMBIRA, USB hopes to give its special impact in Bandung to create students who have high entrepreneurial spirit, high intellectually, have good softskills and have good moral.

Awal 2016 has been voted 9 HAPPY ambassadors from various campuses and schools in Bandung. Among them are students from ITB, UNPAD, UPI, Univ Telkom, UIN SGD, UNIKOM, Univ Widyatama and SMA-level students. They were selected with a fairly challenging challenge and managed to get a vacation reward to Singapore without asking for money from parents, sponsors or others. They succeed to prove that with work and diligence, dreams and ideals can be achieved in their own pains without troublesome others, especially parents.

Duta Gembira posing in front of Marina By Sand Singapore
Duta Gembira Holiday and study in Singapore

Make sure YOU become a part of this movement so that Indonesia becomes a better country and can compete with other countries in every respect.