As my teenager had a hobby of fishing. Almost every week I went fishing in the sea. Sometimes it can be small fish, sometimes it can be big fish, sometimes crabs can, sometimes can not be anything even though it is a day of fishing and the skin
of sun burnt burnt. Interestingly, whether the fish or crabs are my probing, when eaten after cooking always tastes more delicious than fish or crabs bought in the market. I thought it was more fresh. But apparently not. Because when I eat at the seafood restaurant, the sea fish live in an aquarium that is directly cooked chefs also do not have a fish from the results of my fishing, which i
s only cooked as a. Apparently, whatever the outcome I get with the struggle (difficulty) does feel more delicious than the results I get easily. That's "The spice is not visible" that makes the fish of my condiment taste more delicious. Therefore make difficulties in the struggle of life as companions and "spices of life" so that life feels more enjoyable and happy. (V
ictor Asih)
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