The Launching of the motivational and inspirational book titled "8 Magical Steps to the sky: the Mighty secret of Achieving Dreams", was successfully executed according to the plan on Friday, 08-08-08 (8 August 2008) at 18.38-20.38 (launching: precisely PK. 08.08 night) at GRAMEDIA Mall Paris Van Java Bookstore, Bandung.
Before the event starts right PK. 18.38, first 8 people dressed in mascot "book 8 Magical Steps towards the sky" drive around the Mall Paris Van Java for 88 minutes, while playing the cats with the security g
uard? As only 88 seats are reserved for the guests, then apologize to the visitors, forced many who participated in this launching event while standing. Whereas there are some visitors come from outside the city, outside of West Java, even abro
ad. The festive event, attended by more than 100 people, was start with poetry readings that were so touching by one of the national-caliber poetry readers (Adriansyah). Then followed by the demonstration of gymnastics Movement 8 magical steps towards the sky by 8 people. Apparently all visitors are interested to try this gymnastics. So that when all visitors launching gymnastics simultaneously attracted the attention of other mall visitors. Thank
you to some of the masmedia that covered this festive event, such as there are Bandung FM radio, Gosana Magazine, KarirUp magazine, etc. Event Talksh
ow – Surgical book is very interesting. Because the questions are very critical successfully answered satisfactorily. Because there were visitors from abroad there had to be a session where the delivery was done in 2 languages (Indonesian and English) with Mr. Yos Martono as the translator "Ka
getan". And as a question and the last request from a visitor, the author is sovereign to demonstrate the exercise of 8 magical steps towards the sky. The authors look so well and supple to demonstrate the exercise of the craft that invites a very festive applause from the visitors. Th
e launching event ended with a book auction event with a pretty number register of 8 and 88, won by Pak Yos Martono and SDR. Grace.
With the number of people who bought the book and asked for signatures and photographed with the author. Some people were forced to queue for a turn. The gift
from the issuer of Andi for 8 people and 8 people who repeat the year and have a unique number 88 distributed at the launching event. Suddenly 8 day
s after the launching, by Gramedia and the publisher of the requested author (16-8-08) did a talkshow about the content of this book at the radio Weeklit event MGT FM. Surprise! Apparently the MGT FM studio at Jl. Fruit Stone No. 8. (Stone fruit = 8 letters). Is this a coincidence? Or is it a result of law of of attration?


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