Why until now is Albert Einstein considered the most genius person in the world? Wouldn't many people have a higher IQ than Einstein? I'll tell you a story (call it behind the history) that might answer. Thi
article is an extension of my article titled "Why do many coconut trees grow on the shore?". From this story we will learn how to turn a pinned situation into a jump and turn a "stumbling block" into a "stepping stone" to get taller. As I prom
ised at the end of the last article, that I will tell you about the character of Albert Einstein.

By the time Albert Einstein discovered the theory of relativity, he travelled from one university to another to present the formula of relativity E = mc2 he discovered. Every time he went to the presentation, he was always accompanied by a driver who graduated from elementary school level.

Every time Einstein made a presentation, the driver always noticed it even though it did not understand what material was presented. So after dozens of presentations, the driver became memorized with all the material presented even though he did not understand the meaning.

At one time, Einstein felt exhausted once after several presentations. On the way to the last university, the body is not able to withstand fatigue.

Einstein felt that he could have collapsed the fatigue in the midst of the last presentation later. He complained this to his driver. The driver who understands his employer's condition offers a favor.

He said, "aren't the people there yet to know the face of Mr. Einstein?" (since Einstein was not yet famous like now) "I h
ave memorized all the material that Mr. often represented. Even though I do not understand the meaning. ""
If I claimed to be Mr. Einstein, there would be no one else there who knew it ", said the driver." Mr. Ein
stein, what if I helped replace Mr. For a presentation at this last university? ", said the driver." Do you believe you
can? ", asked Einstein." I'm sure sir! And
it will be better than the possibility of failing the presentation because of fainting ", replied the driver." Good i
s also your suggestion. I agree! ", Einstein replied after thinking briefly.

The last university to be visited was Syracuse University in New York. The famous university has many mathematical genius experts.

Finally, shortly before arriving at the university they exchanged positions. Einstein disguised himself as a driver and the driver disguised becoming Einstein.

Arriving at the university, the driver who counted Einstein was greeted with a festive applause and sat in the VIP seat. Meanwhile, the original Einstein thought the driver sat on the back of the audience while resting.

It was time for the presentation, the driver went up to the stage with confidence and began presenting the theory of relativity. Einstein rested while observing the tense from the back seat. "Did my driver have been memorized with all the usual formulas I represented?", he asked his heart.

The driver writes on the chalkboard exactly as Einstein wrote and spoke in Einstein's similar style. Apparently the driver was memorized with the usual material Einstein represented in the previous universities. This is because it has dozens of times the driver observed it even though it does not understand the meaning. Einstein was nodding and was amazed at the driver.

Finish the presentation, the applause from the audience. And the driver came down from the stage with a heart feeling relieved.

A moment later the moderator said, "Sorry, Mr. Einstein. Please climb again on stage.
"" Anyone want to ask? ", he told the audience.

The driver was surprised, because usually after Einstein finished the presentation directly down from the stage accompanied by hands and presentation of the event was completed. While he was praying silently, "hopefully no audience asks because it is obvious with what is presented".

Suddenly a man stood up and said, "I don't want to ask." I sur
vived…. ", said the driver in heart.

"I just want to interrupt! The mathematical formula that was presented was wrong! ", exclamation the man.
" Woe…! ", said the driver in the he
art." I understand about mathematical formulas? ", the pain in the hear
t." Please explain, Mr. Einstein ", said the moderator.

In a pinned state the driver thinks looking for one way out. Finally he spoke back.

"Who is the father?", asked the driver
. " I am Professor George, mathematician at this university, "he answered."
Woe of thirteen! ", screamed the driver in the heart.

He thought, if he asked the student, then the driver will answer, "Just ask your mathematics lecturer". And if the q
uestion turns out to be a lecturer, then he will answer "Please just ask your mathematics professor". B
ut apparently the ask is the professor. Will ask who? The driver
's condition is getting pinned. But the driver does not lack any sense. He was always looking for one way out.

"Mr. George is Professor of mathematics at a university famous for his mathematicians..?!", the fun with a astonished facial nose. " Hemmm
…. "" A
shameful Sunggung!
" Cook… Simple mathematical formulas like this alone do not u
nderstand? "" Lha..! My driver j
ust understood! "" Forward, Pear! The wind was at the professor… ", he said, waving to Einstein who was sitting in the back seat.

Majulah Einstein counted the driver to the stage and explained the formula as clearly.

Increasingly amazed by the audience against Einstein. Apparently, the driver alone could be taught by Einstein to be smarter than a professor. What about the Einstein
nya? That is why Einstein until today is considered the most genius person in the world.

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