Suddenly, only 8 days after the launching of his book (16 August 2008), Gramedia Party and publisher Andi asked the author 8 Magic Step book to the Sky (Victor Asih) which is a unique book of 8 all to do a first talk show about his book on radio MGT 101.1 FM.
Surprise! Apparently the MGT FM studio at Jl. Fruit Stone No. 8. (Stone fruit = 8 letters). Is this a coincidence? Or is it a result of law of of attration? Because this book is all 8 then attracted the number 8 others?

Talkshow on radio about 8 magic Step book to the sky is planned to be done in 8 this radio until now has been done in 5 radio that is 3 radio in Bandung namely MGT 101.1 FM, Maestro 92.5 FM, and Bandung 95.2 FM. And 2 radio in Surabaya, namely RRI Pro 2 FM and Radio Sonora Surabaya. There are still many other radios that ask for a talk show alongside its authors about this unique book.

Especially for the most time talkshow of this book is held by Radio Maestro FM with 2 times (for 2 weeks each Wednesday 07.00-08.00) consecutive with each about 1 hour. Mean a total of 2 hours talkshow time at Maestro to dissect this book. But this record will soon be exceeded by other radios. Because there are already 2 other radios in Bandung that ask the authors to do a book talkshow 8 miraculous Steps to the sky for 8 consecutive weeks on each radio.

The average question by SMS and call from radio listeners at each talkshow flooded to the studio, reflecting the high interest of the listener will the book's content. Especially with the giving of the book for free for the individual who elected in each of his talkshow.

While the first telly that did live broadcast for 1 hour of surgical talkshow 8 Step Magic Book to the sky is PJTV in Bandung. So many viewers who feel interested to ask about this book are seen from so many phone ringing that goes to PJTV during the broadcast. But due to time constraints, only a few viewers had a chance to ask. Hopefully this book talkshow can be done also on other television shows.

Likewise, when the author was asked to conduct a book surgery talkshow at the university, which was held first in Bina Nusantara University at the Jakarta Orchid campus. Once arrived at the book's surgical event venue, the writer was quite surprised that it turned out to be 8 floors. Is it a coincidence?

The 2nd University who conducted the surgical talkshow 8 Step Magic Book heading to the sky is the University of Padjadjaran in Bandung. The book surgery was conducted on 15 September 2008 in Multi Media room B1 Faculty of Economics UNPAD Jl. Dipatiukur Bandung.

The 3rd university that conducted a surgical talkshow 8 step miraculous book towards the sky is the University of Airlangga (UNAIR) Surabaya, on Wednesday, October 22, 2008 on campus B. And many other universities that follow the book surgical talkshow.


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