I remember while still a high school student in Cirebon, about 22 years ago, on my holiday once a few climbing Mount Ciremai, the tallest mountain in West Java. After 6 pm I usually start climbing from one remote village on the slopes of Mount Ciremai. During the journey through the terrain that is quite difficult for the layman (especially in the rainy season) in the Silence, pitch dark, cold, I have to be wary of penetrating the dense forest
that is still natural. Not infrequently I had to find the road, go up the tree, cross the brink or pass the streets quite difficult because there was no man-made road. There is only a path that is naturally formed from the flow of rainwater to the bottom of the mountain. On the way, I often think that's how yummy it was when I was at home. Relax on the couch, watch TV accompanied by a warm meal. It contrasted with my current situation.
Why do I struggle to climb the mountain? Tired, silent, dark, cold, not to mention sometimes my mind is piqued with a variety of magical events on this mountain (I've experienced it myself). Not to mention, news in the mass media about some of the climbers who lost, even killed in the mountain I was clim
b. Arriving at the top of Mount Ciremai is usually around 6am if it keeps walking all night. At the top of Mount Ciremai, I was just briefly enjoying the magnificent view that was "unable to see from elsewhere" and picked up the Edelweiss flowers as sufficiently as the souvenirs normally asked by schoolmates. Feelings of contentation arise when arriving at the highest plains on the mountain tops. Not because it managed to conquer the peak of Mount Ciremai or managed to stand in the highest place in West Java. However, because I succeeded in conquering suffering, fear, coldness, silence, reluctance, and obstacles in me to ascend to the top of this mou
ntain. When I was back at home, always came the desire to climb Mount Ciremai again (even until now). The thing that makes me want to come back again is because I enjoy the process of struggle (with all the sufferers) on the way to the top of Mount Ciremai for approximately 10 hours hike, plus 9 hours down the mountain, more than enjoy the success of being at the top of the mountain which is only half an hour. I co
ncluded that enjoying the process of struggle is much more enjoyable than enjoying the results. Let's enjoy the "process of struggle toward success", more than enjoying the "success" itself. Whatever your current condition, your life will be more enjoyable if you enjoy the process of your struggle.

(Victor Asih)


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