How do I get in the way of being pinned in hard time
s? The Global economic crisis is predicted by many to come to our lives like the roar of waves crashing with powerful power in the year 2009. It is thought to be more devastating than the economic crisis that had struck Indonesia about ten years ago, which has been ravaging the economic life of many people.

Nowadays it has begun to feel some impact of the onset of this crisis such as LAYOFFS (termination of employment) by several industrial companies. Thousands of people are already victims, even before the crisis actually comes to smite and immerse us like a giant wave that is capable of raving our economic condition. In Masmedia it reported that estimated LAYOFFS in 2009 can reach up to 20% of the total workers. What a concern if this is true.

Many entrepreneurs already feel that the purchasing power of the community decreases, the rupiah currency tends to weaken, the investment decreases. Many entrepreneurs have also begun to complain because the company's turnover began to diminish.

Many people start to suffer from depression. In Masmedia I've read that 37% of people in West Java suffer from depression and 20% of people across Indonesia also suffer from depression. This figure is expected to increase sharply with the upcoming global economi
c crisis. What can we do to deal with it?

We can choose to silence and be resigned to the fate of not having any idea what to do. Or are we looking for new breakthroughs that can make the threat "calamity" a "boon"? Create a "stumbling block" that can make us fall into a "stepping stone" to jump and boost higher performance
? I tell you an inspiring story. A salesman of the American seller Company, who was disliked by his superiors sent to a region in Africa to open up the "market" opportunity there. Every salesman sent there would usually be "dead lice" and frustrated because it was hard to sell bras in the region. It is a resident there since ancient times bare chest and never know the bra that is not cultu
re. Every salesman sent there failed in sales, so his superiors had a reason to fire the salesman.

When the salesman reached the region of Africa, he also saw the same thing. There is no one female resident who wears a bra! Every time he tried to offer a bra, all the women firmly rejected it. Even when offered free of charge no one wants to accept it.

But he would not give up so much that he could be fired by his superiors. He applies the X factor to two of the four X factors that are in the 8 miraculous step book to the sky, i.e. the X-tra intelligent work.

He marries a beautiful chief princess and then forces his wife to always use a bra. Every day the salesman traveled with his wife to meet many others and always praised his wife always grew beautiful because it uses a bra.

Finally, everyone pays attention to the salesman's wife who is beautiful and arises so that their wives also wear bras to be prettier. In a short time, the women used bras to be a trend there. All residents in the region wanted to buy a bra sold by the salesman. This made him the number 1 top salesman in the company and the BOD promoted him replacing his superiors position as head of the sales division at Headquarters in America. The salesman managed to change the "pinned" state to "Melejit". In a pinned state threatened at LAYOFFS by his superiors even his achievements were to get a promotion to occupy his boss position as head of the sales division.

Behind every crisis there is definitely an opportunity. Live how we find those opportunities. Open eyes and ears wide. Open your brain's insights and mindset widest. Out of the box, out of the skeleton of your previous mindset. If you are observant, surely you can find an opportunity. Like the experience of some free school entrepreneur USB Entrepreneurship that I always train his mindset in entrepreneurial practice.

How are they at a young age with no money capital, no marketing experience, no connection, I give motivation and "challenge" to compete the turnover of a book with the largest bookstores in the homeland. Some of them, per person can successfully sell between 50 to 150 copies of the book in just a few hours for a single book title. It's done without having to struggle to sell all day like selling door to door. And the turnover was achieved almost without capital at all.

Imagine, if you sell a lot of titles like in bookstores and do it in 30 days a month like a bookstore. What is the resulting turnover? Surely not many bookstores can appreciate it. Whereas setting up a bookstore requires considerable ca
pital. Some of them can find various gaps of opportunities that other people cannot think of and make use of with a variety of creative and innovative ideas. The marketing side is called radical marketing.

[Victor Asih, Founder Sekolah Bisnis Gratis USB, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Inspirator, Motivator, Software Engineer & Information Technology Consultant, Kolumnis, Penulis Buku Unik Bestseller “8 Langkah Ajaib Menuju ke Langit”]
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