One time, a sorority once flashed to me about the failures he experienced while completing my college assignments the previous week. He felt very sad and disappointed by his failure and felt desperate. I r
esponded with a smile while thrusting the right hand to shake his hands while saying, "Congratulations, you've failed!". My response to the complaint was really beyond expectation. He was spontaneously surprised and almost unbelieving. "Well, I said that like that…?", he said in astonishment and almost cried. Maybe he thought I was mocking his f
ailure. Then I explained to the sorority about failure. During the process of achieving dreams, you may have to experience various failures or crash into a very unpleasant condition. All you need to master to face failure is how you manage failures, which we refer to as failure management. Failure or
success is actually the same condition, like the same currency coin but is seen from a different side. The one side contains a number and the other side contains an image. For example, when a young man is rejected his love for a girl's sweetheart. The young man may consider the rejection a failure of his love. The failure certainly made his heart very sad and devas
tated. But the young man could also consider the rejection a success, which was successful in knowing that the girl was not the right match for her. So he could look for another better girl, whom the Lord had provided him. This thinking will make the young man's heart happy, for having the opportunity to find a more appropriate girl to be his life partner. The girl is better than the girl who has rejected her love. Two
different views for the same condition, namely rejected his love. The first view (negative view) used a failure as a "stumbling block" which made him fall into the chapter so as to destroy his own heart. While the second view (positive view) uses failures as a "stepping stone" to achieve a higher success. As if we
climb the mountaintop after the mountain peaks. After reaching one mountain peak, we will be able to see another higher mountain. To reach the higher peaks of the mountain, we must first descend to the mountain slopes. Maybe even we should descend into a deep valley and abyss, before we can start climbing towards the higher peaks of the mount
ain. Maybe one day you are stuck in the worst situations that have ever happened in your life. You may feel already in the "deepest bottomless base" of your afflictions. If you've been at the bottom of the deepest chasm, the good news is that there's no more in place. Next there is only one path, otherwise it is not the same way to go to higher places. Meanin
g there will be no more conditions that are more afflicted than you are currently experiencing. The next day is definitely better. So, fight and endure. Try to continue to be out of the unfortunate condition. In a
state of kalut, depressed, disappointed, angry, heartache, stress, depression, you will experience many temptations to be destructive or destructive. As an exclusion of disappointment, you may be encouraged to destroy yourself or others around you. But you have to keep a positive mind. Indeed this is the process that you should experience to escalate to a higher mountain peak of success. Do not let
the whisperings of the Devil "Drink a bayxxx chayank…", such as the advertising spodevil one of the famous liquid mosquito repellent. In the mass media, I briefly read some stories of people who suffered greatly for death because of a moment to persuade this demon's promptings. Sorry there is no point anymore, if it has already happened. Yo
u should also never try to learn to become Superman, jumping freely from the top floor of the tall building. If you want to be like Superman, familiarize yourself with Superman's everyday fashion style. Superman always wears kolor pants outside, not inside. " Yes,
Iyalah ", said a friend," If you use Kolor pants in the same name Suparman, instead of Sup
erman ". Never try to play a swing with a rope that snatk your neck. Playing swings in this way can certainly not be able to entertain your sadness. At best you will be a spectacle of citizens, to be the consumption of news in the mass media and scare the litt
le boy. All the ways that some people have tried will not make you succeed in resolving failures. Most banter only managed to add one more devil followers, ie you! "Do not make hell add full", said my friend, who often feel worried about going to hell if dying late
r. Whatever your current situation is, calm your mind and thank the Lord. There are still many people who fared much more unfortunate than you. If you can still breathe and still move, while many people in the hospital are lying helpless. Even breathing must be assisted by special equipment. You still have a lot of luck and grace from the Lord who loves you. You c
an find a true friend to share your disappointed feelings. If you can't find a friend to share (curhat), you can search for counseling institutions. Or you request a friend's reference to be introduced to people who can help
you. I was reminded of a song that I often sing as a child first. The lyrics are as follows:

"A happy heart… A… A…. Is medicine…
Like medicine, a happy heart… B
ut the spirit of the extinguished, dry the bone
s… A happy heart…. God is glad… "

At times I feel sad or disappointed, I often sing this song as a child first. Singing, I made a word-for-word in the song with a sense of innocence. My heart became comforted, and felt happy again in the midst of the various afflictions I was experiencing at that time. In childhood, I had a lot of disappointment, heartache, and suffering. Not as experienced by my small peers in general. A
happy heart is a cure. Many testimonials are recovered from various diseases because of the always happy heart. And many people suffer from severe diseases (cancer) because of his protracted grief. So the source is breathtaking. Like the song lyrics of one of the Kyai famous in the homeland, "keep the heart, do not you nodai. Keep the heart, the lantern alive..
. "How to keep your heart feeling? Feelings of heart are influenced by thought. Negative thoughts will make the feeling uncomfortable. Otherwise positive thoughts will make a feeling of comfort and happiness. So, keep your mind positive so that your heart's feelings are kept calm and happy. (Victor Asih)
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