Don't carelessly think. Because what you think will come true! What you think is what you are! Listen to the following facts and true stories…

Twenty years ago… In
the midst of the scorching heat of the sun, a teenager in uniform state high school with a sweat rushed home a school walk to his home. A small rented house that was inhabited with family, walled half wall and half woven bamboo. From childhood to adolescence she was a shy child, often feeling minder, and low self-esteem when hanging out with her schoolmates. Various family economic limitations often become obstacles in his life. Not to mention, mental pressure because since childhood lives in a broken home
family. " My goals after graduating high school just wanted to be a computer course instructor at a course institute, because there was no cost to attend university ", he replied to a friend who asked who would proceed where after graduation. "I was really very excited to be in college. But this is my fate, no college opportunity ", he said. But in his mind he always imagined, "if only I had a chance to go to college, become a scholar, even a master in the field of computer programs. Ah, how happy ". Because it is a passion since SMA is making computer program
s. Fifteen years later… He has not only been a computer scholar who prints history at a renowned State University as the first in his field. He also holds a master's degree in Informatics Engineering from Software Engineering (computer program engineering) from the country's most reputable technological institute. Even the profession he had is as a software engineer according to his passion. What he imagined fifteen years ago became a reality!

Eighteen years ago… A st
udent almost daily comes to the IPTN (aircraft industry Nusantara) to create a program for the newly purchased mainframe computer IPTN. He did so in the framework of practice. Almost every day he observed the newly produced helicopter. He imagined, "it would be nice if he could fly using a helicopter see the scenery from above the sky". But certainly not possible. Boarding an airplane alone has never been, because it does not have enough money to buy tickets. Who wants to give the chance to ride a helicopt
er? Fifteen years later… He is well aware, sitting in the co-pilot seat of a helicopter flying over the Goldcoast region of Australia, famous for its beautiful beaches. Beautiful view of the very wide beach of Goldcoast with white sand looks different from the top of the helicopter. What he imagined fifteen years ago became a reality!

Twenty two years ago… A
teenager is reading a historical book about Egypt. He is very interested in the existence of mummies and mystery pyramids. He also imagined what if he had directly observed the mummy and saw immediately how big a pyramid building in Egypt was. But that opportunity seems unlikely to exist
. Seventeen years later… He was seen in a museum room along with dozens of the mummy of ancient Egyptian kings, having previously visited the three pyramids at Giza, near the city of Cairo, in Egypt. Quite creepy, being in a cold room that only has a dimly lit light with the bodies of the ancient Egyptian king that has been embalmed in the form of mum
mies. He tried to look at a very close distance, less than half a metre, observing carefully the face of a mummy that was thousands of years old. It's creepy, especially when the spooky scene is recollection in horror movies about the mummy that lives back. I
t was never imagined before that at one time he was going to confront him in close proximity to a corrective mummy. The Real Mummy. Not just one, even dozens of mummies at once. What he imagined seventeen years ago became a reality!

Sixteen years ago… A st
udent reads a business magazine that discusses an article about an MBA school. He paid attention to the column ranked 10 best MBA school at the time. He is very keen to be able to continue attending the MBA program after graduating later. However, it is unlikely. Money from where? SPP payment of current lectures alone has been delinquent a few semesters because there is no money. "Your Ngaco! Just a dream! Just passed yet ", Timpal one of his college companions at the time. But in his mind he still imagined when it could happen, even though not yet know how to make it happen. Th
ree years later… He has completed an MBA program at one of the MBA schools, which is listed in the column ranked 10th best MBA school he has ever read. Until now, her best friend was still not able to believe why it could happen. "Why, how can you?", he said.

Seven years ago…
A professional reads an advertisement about Starcruise's overseas cruise ship featuring a range of luxury amenities aboard the cruise ship. He only imagined with his family enjoying the various luxury yacht facilities. But it is not possible to materialize, because it takes quite a lot of money when going with the whole family. The long time for vacation is no considering the variety of busyness that has to be run.
Three years later… He was seen enjoying a sweeping sea view while having breakfast at one of the luxury yacht restaurants with his wife and his two little daughters. Already three days they live on the luxury yacht enjoy the various facilities in it. They were "forced" to travel abroad on a Starcruise luxury yacht because they had a family free holiday with the yacht. What he imagined three years ago became a reality!

Six months ago… A p
rofessional finds as well as reading motivational articles on the Internet website and He thinks, "It's a wonder if I became an article writer on the website. My photos can be installed there and my writing reads a lot of people. " But, at that time he had never learned to write articles at all. "Ah, definitely hard. But I want to write an article ", he thought
. Five months later… He is writing the article you are reading this. And since five months ago his motivational articles have spread across various internet websites as well as magazines and have been read by thousands of people. In fact he has been a unique book writer of inspiration and motivation titled "8 Miraculous Steps toward the" sky "which is sensational, after the launch of his book on 08-08-08 was much surgically monitored in various universities and became a talkshow material on many radios. What he imagined six months ago became a reality!

From the various true stories that I experienced myself, some of whom I told you earlier, I concluded that I should be careful when imagining something in mind. What I think or I imagine in thought can come true. There may be a dozen years later, or a few years later, it can even happen a few months later. The
future depends on our current thoughts. The present depends on our minds in the past. So, don't think of a negative or destructive thing, because it will be possible in the future. Think of all the good and positive th
ings. Have a great dream, even if you don't know how to achieve that dream. All will happen if you believe that it will surely happen in your life in the f
uture. If you BELIEVE this, you have designed your future to be full of success and glory. You will be carried away "flying to the sky of success" and will achieve various dreams that hang "as high as the sky".

[Victor Asih, Founder Sekolah Bisnis Gratis USB, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Inspirator, Motivator, Software Engineer & Information Technology Consultant, Kolumnis, Penulis Buku Unik Bestseller “8 Langkah Ajaib Menuju ke Langit”]
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