"Hang Cita-Citamu sky high", our parents said first. To have a successful life, indeed one must have a goal or a dream first. Because dreams are the direction we will travel in our life. Without a dream, our journey of life becomes unguided. So all the actions we do in life become ineffective and efficient. Like an aimlessly sailing vessel in the same waters, it's not far from its original place despite its long journey. The journey of life like the ship is a journey of life depending on fate, depending on where the direction of the wind blows. It is indeed the life journey of most people in the world. Many sources say almost 90% of people in the world cannot reach their dreams, so the dream is just a mere delusion. (Not because sky-high?) It
is not surprising that only a few people can succeed, because most people's life is resigned to fate or just controlled by others. But, try to ponder, "are you really willing if your life is only 1 time in the world only controlled by the fate or control of others?" If
the answer IS "NO," now start to make your own dreams and become a ship skipper of your own life. Direct your life to reach your various dreams (as if you hang it) and enjoy your success. Perhaps someone's
dream is to be a famous person, have lots of money, a nice house, a nice car, a holiday abroad, high school as possible, etc. Whatever your dreams are, what matters is that you have to know how to take practical steps to achieve your dreams efficiently and effectively. There are 8 magical practical steps to realizing our dream:

1. Dare to make dreams/id
eals-2Many people feel "minder" to make a great dream because it feels he has various limitations than others. For example because of low education, poor, not clever, bad environment, etc. Napoleon Hill said that "what you think and believe, you will definitely get". If you think that you CAN then you can certainly, sexed whatever your current condition. So make your dream as interesting as possible so that you are moved to make it happen. And rest assured that the Lord loves you as his people and will command all the universe to help you realize your dreams. Tip: If y
ou still don't dare to make your dreams, try reading a book or motivational article or a success story, listening to a motivational cassette, attending a seminar of motivators, and making friends with the 2 who think positively.

2. Define your dream clearly (write/visualize)
write your dream as clear on paper and imagine it happening to you. Imagine how delicious it was to achieve that dream. If necessary with the help of pictures/photos. For example if your dream is to have a BMW 302i, have a picture of it and imagine how delicious it is when you drive it. If you need to go to the show room, do a test drive or have its brochures first.

3. Test your dream, is it SMART? Rev
iew whether the dream has fulfilled SMART criteria:-Spec
ific: Can be elaborated in detail-Measu
reable: can be measured with certainty, for example with time, mone
y, etc.-Achievable: There is still a possibi
lity to achieve-Realistic: Realistic
, no-2-Timeable: Can be determined how long pencapaian
nyaÞ if the dream is not SMART, again evaluation of your dreams and revisions by going back to step 2 (Determine y
our dream clearly) Þ if , convince your unconscious mind, your bloodstream, the whole cells in your body, that you will definitely get it. You can do affirmation or power of law of attraction.

4. Create a "travel map" to your dreams and
the small steps you need to take and the target between that will be accomplished at each stage you go through. If all the steps and targets between them are clearly arranged will form a "travel map" to your dreams.

5. Define "tools/systems/vehicles" To achieve your
dream of tools or systems or the way you would take your "travel map". Make sure that using the tool/system/way will ensure you successfully step through each stage of the "travel map" and ultimately lead you to the dream.

6. Focus on all the real thoughts and actions to Deform y
our self-attitude! From now on, all the attitudes, actions and thoughts focused on the "travel map" scenario reaches your dream. Evaluate every action that you will take, "What's in accordance with the scenario?" If not, do not do! If yes, do it right now! (Action now!) No compromise of time delays.

7. Complete the appropriate
Plan on the journey to achieve your dream will experience many failures and disappointments. But whatever happens, you have to finish everything according to the plan. Remember, do not care in the sky to how many of you hang your dreams, you can achieve it. This has been proved by a lot of successful people in the world. Staying is required 1 more people prove it, that is you!

8. If the dream has been reached, create a new bigger dream (return to step 1)

If you are doing 8 magical steps continuously in your life, do not be surprised if at one time you are aware, you are in the sky of success where your dreams for dreams have been achieved. (Victor Asih)


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